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  • I again want to express my extreme gratitude for your expertise, integrity and compassion throughout my lawsuit. I am very appreciative of your time, teaching, encouragement and respect. Your ability to help me shift from a medical context to a legal context and to let me know what to expect was very helpful. As well, thanks for recognizing the emotional aspects and impact of this process.
    Family Practice Physician
  • Thanks for this outstanding result on behalf of our insured. I have to say I thought obtaining a summary judgment was a long shot. When you first proposed your strategy about how you were going to attempt to get our physician out of this dangerous situation, I thought the Plaintiff's attorney would not go for it, you would likely draw resistance from the other attorneys, and a judge would not let this matter just be dismissed. Obviously, your past dealings with both, plaintiff counsel and the hospital attorney, helped to obtain this outstanding result, but your recognition of a possible way out of this case and ability to convince the other attorneys to forego this matter against our physician cannot be underrated.
  • Just a note to thank you for the great work on behalf of Shannon Medical Center, but more importantly, the wonderful defense you provided for our nurses in the multiple cases you recently won. We have great people at Shannon who make a difference in the lives of the citizens in our community, and you have truly made a difference for our organization that will help us fulfill our mission in caring for patients.
    President / CEO, Shannon Medical Center
  • One thing that makes them so easy to deal with is the way they talk to us – they don’t use legal jargon or ‘lawyerisms’ – they speak our language. When we found Jerry Hiersche and HHDU, we found a firm we never want to leave.
    CEO, Five Star Correctional Services
  • Hiersche Hayward Drakeley & Urbach has been our law firm since 1995, and I think of them as our General Counsel. I have the ultimate level of trust in Bill Hayward, and that’s what keeps me coming back again and again.
    CEO, Community Waste Disposal
  • Dick Wiles has rightfully earned his reputation as a highly skilled, trustworthy and amiable lawyer, and it was my pleasure to work with him. He represented his clients’ interests zealously while maintaining cordiality and decorum. He stands out as an opponent who is as formidable as he is professional and courteous.
    Opposing Counsel
  • Bill Hayward is a good lawyer with a great commercial mind; he thinks like a business person. There were several times, over the years, when he offered significant and insightful advice that improved my business. I have been with Bill all these years because he’s more than a competent attorney – he genuinely cares about my business.
    Real Estate Investor
  • If any doctor has a medical malpractice issue, I recommend they talk to Dick Wiles. He is the country’s leading expert in the field, and he gives all his clients his absolute best.
  • Thank you for all of your help and for making the process as easy as possible. I felt like I was working with a friend, which it made it so much better.
  • These guys are all straight shooters. They are down-to-earth, easy to work with, and they provide great value, compared to some of the big downtown firms. It took me twenty years to find this firm; I wish I had found them sooner.
    CEO, Advanced Fixtures, Inc.